Commedia dell'arte

Styles of theatre that are influenced by the Italian satiric tradition of the Commedia dell’arte. Deeply political, the audience is shown how to critically engage with power brokers who hold onto authoritarian rule.

Comedy and comics Commedia dell'arte

Francis, the Jester of God at Anglican parish of St Francis of Assisi, West Wickham

Josey De Rossi

Mario Pirovano’s welcomes the audience to his one-man performance of Francis, the Holy Jester as a politician on the hustings. Launching the show with the promise of overturning centuries of misconceptions, he springs into the story of Francis, emphasizing that the real stories of the thirteenth century Italian saint are uniquely wonderful because they show how it is Francis the ‘holy fool’ who realises his life as friend of the poor, champion of the persecuted and heroic worker for peace and justice.