Theatre Going

On this page I collect my recent viewing of theatre productions. The terms Fringe, Mainstream, Professional, Amateur continue to define theatre practices. As I live in Melbourne, I am surrounded by a particular history of theatre going which has at least three major traditions. The first comes from First Nations on the lands of the Wurundjuri on which I live. It is both timeless and contemporary as companies such as Iljiberri Theatre Company.

The second tradition is the one which came as a result of colonisation by the British in 1788. It now is represented in major and minor theatre companies, located in Melbourne and in every regional centre of the state. The third tradition is an off-shoot of the second and it is the one I’m most familiar. As a former drama educator, I began my teaching in the late-1970s establishing the implementation of drama as a pedagogy in K-12 schools. The productions staged in schools can represent a hugely significant part of a young person’s experience of live performance.